Party Ambassador Julien Believe Hits T&T

“It doesn’t cost a thing to think BIG” was a quote Julien heard a lot from his father growing up. It was sentiments like this that inspired Julien to become the person and singer/songwriter that he has developed into. He established early on a belief that he could become anything he set his mind to if he worked hard to accomplish it.

Julien was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, the small island paradise in the Atlantic Ocean. Growing up there offered Julien exposure to both a cosmopolitan way of life combined with what is known as traditional island living. Growing up Julien was captivated by many genres of music. The degree of his ambition to become a musician, however, was not always fully understood. As the son of a policeman and schoolteacher it was often difficult for anyone, even his parents, to understand his compulsion to do music. “Every time you walked past or heard Julien in the distance he was singing,” his mother says. “I couldn’t understand it, Julien absolutely HAS to sing!”

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