Julien Believe Takes ‘The 242 Forward’

The Tribune

BACK with not one or two, but three new songs, Julien “Believe” Thompson is all about “taking the 242 forward”.

The singer has attracted a huge following since the 2012 release of his popular single, “Caribbean Slide”. Julien had dance lovers at school events, socials, parties and even the staff at Senor Frogs learning the moves to the energetic song.

The new singles, he said, are entitled “242 Forward”, “Bring Me To Life” and “Love You Forever”, and he expects they will have the same effect as “Caribbean Slide”.

“Lately, I have just been planning the big release of these songs and I have been writing a lot of songs and putting them all together for an album. I am just working on taking the Bahamas to the world, taking the 242 forward,” said Julien.

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