Julien Believe

 Junkanoo Pop intertwined with rake n’ scrape serves as an immediate rhythmic crowd pleaser.  This song quickens your attention, leaving you amused and curious about the true nature of a woman.

Inspiring lyrics sung by the Bahamas’ very own, Julien Believe, pays homage and gratitude to women of all statures and cultures.  Expressions of being smitten by the essence of her beauty, her wittiness and her charisma… It’s captivating, liberating, and extraordinary.  She’s strong, confident, passionate, inspirational, purposeful and most importantly she’s blessed.  She is the perfect example of a PHENOMENAL Woman yet refined within her own skin. 

She’s reminded of her qualities and role throughout her daily journey.  With absolute certainty this song is empowering, encouraging all women to ‘come through’ with your head held high and shoulders … Keep that confidence and joy in your smile and grace that can be seen through your stride for miles. “Come Thru Queen”.

Written By: Angela Hunte
Produced By: Dillion “D-Mac” McKenzie
Year: 2019

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Come Thru Queen

Julien Believe
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