Recording artists Julien Believe and Angelique Sabrina collaborate with Producer DJ Natty Rico on ‘Jump & Wine’

The Nassau Guardian

When the prince of “Junka-Soca” (a fusion of Junkanoo and Soca beats) collaborates with a Bahamian pop princess and a French saxophonist/DJ/producer with a reputation for innovative, eclectic sounds, the result is a high energy, infectious dance single guaranteed to make the world move to the left … move to the right — jump and wine.

“Jump & Wine” is a fun, Caribbean electric slide rooted in The Bahamas and France that will have listeners out of their seats and on the dance floor in a heartbeat. The song is a debut release for Island Vybzz, representing the label’s core values — to produce hot, tropical, party-starting dance music.

The soul-stirring vocals of Julien Believe and Angelique Sabrina blend with the blazing sax/electro-pop track created by super producer DJ Natty Rico for the party-starter “Jump & Wine”, written by Julien Believe, Angelique Sabrina, Gregg White and Natty Rico. “Jump & Wine” is also produced by Natty Rico and Executive Producer Gregg White for the Island Vybzz label.

Julien Believe, no stranger to island dance music, has scored global success with his hits “Caribbean Slide” and “Party Ambassadors” featuring Ricardo Dru, Fadda Fox and Beenie Man.

Angelique Sabrina lends her fiery vocals to the track and the two pair seamlessly with the sensuous saxophone sounds of Natty Rico, who has worked with industry heavyweights like Jennifer Hudson, David Guetta and Beenie Man, among others.

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